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I have been thinking about writing a post on this for quite some time.  In fact it stems from a conversation I had at Through The Veil in Atlanta with my friend Callea Sherrill.  So …quite some time… is an under statement.

Personal experiences from an investigator ALWAYS seem to get a bad rap.  Not sure where it has stemmed from, maybe the ever wonderful “ParaTV” world or somewhere else.  Hell I am guilty of downplaying it all the time and 95% of my experiences are personal experiences.  I have rarely caught a decent EVP (maybe my standards are too high with those), nothing on video, nothing on camera…. all personal experiences.

A vast majority of the people in the paranormal field came to it because of personal experiences, a good number of people leave the paranormal field because of intense personal experiences. To quote Callea “Those experiences are very real to each and every person who has one.”  So why do personal experiences get downplayed so much?

90% of the “evidence” I have ever been show is questionable at best.  In this age of technology and “ParaTV” it is really hard to get serious “evidence” that hasn’t been manipulated in different ways, tweaked with different filters or completely faked.  There are many people out there looking to make their fortune or become famous so the motives behind the “evidence” gets kind of iffy.

I remember talking to a group of curious participants at an event about investigating and I stressed that if you experience something… be it a cold breeze, a feeling of being touched, the feeling of being watched… to make sure and let someone know.  I sat back in the darkness as the group started a small EVP session and just watched.  I noticed one younger girl, who was there with her mother, kept brushing at her sleeve.  I couldn’t see exactly why she was doing it as I was across the room.

Later the mother approached me and said her daughter had to tell me something.  The daughter had been experiencing what she described as something tugging at her sleeve.  I asked her why she didn’t say anything.  Her response… “I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy!”  Little did she know someone else had experienced the same thing earlier in the same location as well.  Others that had stayed at the location also have reported similar experiences.

“I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy!”  Why is that even a response?

I have been at locations where the “client” thinks they are completely bat-shit crazy because of what they are experiencing.  When someone comes along and says, hey I experienced that also…. it can be exactly what that person needs.  No need for video, audio, pictures…. just that sigh of relief after knowing that they aren’t crazy.  And at the end of the day, isn’t that one of the reasons for helping a “client?”

I have experienced some amazing stuff throughout my life.  I have heard, felt and seen things that I can not explain.  Some of these were only experienced by myself, others were experienced by multiple people.  I know in my heart without a shadow of a doubt that I experienced these things.  Whenever I am asked the good old question “Have you gotten any cool evidence?”  My answer is always “No, just personal stuff.”

Why is my response that?  Should it be that?

Some things I see lacking in a lot of people in the paranormal, yet should be a requirement from day 1:

  • Ability to swallow your pride / put your ego to the side
    I see so many people / teams / groups / para-celebs that are majorly lacking in this.  So many people that think because they said it, it happened to them, the captured it that it is gospel, no other answer or explanation is correct or even possible.
  • Explore all avenues before dropping the “IT’S PARANORMAL!” words
    See this a lot with so called evidence… be it photos, videos or audio.  It comes in all sizes and flavors.  Immediate jumping to “it’s a ghost!”, “it’s a demon”, “it says this…..”, “look right there, it’s a…..”, etc…

Both of these absolutely drive me nuts!

I see it on social media, I have seen in on investigations, I have heard it in conversations (and bite my tongue).

A couple of examples

  • (“Authority on the paranormal”) said that this happens here all the time, so it has to happen this time
  • (“Authority on the paranormal”) said this is the explanation, so without further detective work…. that is what it is
  • Picture that has possible other explanations then immediately being something paranormal
  • Video / image that has to be zoomed in to see any object, pixelates like a “mo-fo” and totally distorts the image.
  • Audio recording, that without your translation, makes absolutely no sense to the listener(s)

Learn to think for yourself.  Learn to be your own person.  Come up with your own ideas and techniques.  Sure there are people in the paranormal world that are the “go to” people on things but it doesn’t mean they are always right, all of the time.  Sure, when it comes to demonology and things that would generally make me poop my pants I would seek out Mr John Zaffis but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t others with the same knowledge or maybe more.  There are several others that come to mind that I would probably also consult with before jumping to any sort of conclusion.  (Unless it is some crazy ass haunting that follows one of my son’s toys.  John can have that POS any time he wants!  I’ll send it first class, with insurance so he can put it in his museum!)  Thinking back to my experiences in the martial arts world, there is always a bigger bad ass out there.  There is always someone that knows something else, even if it is a tiny tidbit of information.

Why not ask yourself questions like these (just the ones I can quickly think of, there are tons more)  …. because the naysayers are going to and then proceed to rip things to shreds

  • Why is what “they” said “the way it is”?
  • Is there any other possible explanation?
  • Did you know where every single possible person was at that exact moment?
  • Do you know how the tech you are using actually works?
  • Who does this “evidence” benefit?
  • Do you know what can possibly contaminate the location or your tech?
  • Is the “history” of the location valid?
    • It’s amazing how many prostitutes there were and were murdered.
  • Do you understand how far sound can truly travel?

Just because so and so has a TV show it doesn’t mean they know anything.  Right time and right place happen to a lot of people.

Suck it up and if you can’t 100% answer the questions, then you have to throw it out or explore other avenues.

Don’t be so hung up on finding the holy grail of “evidence” where common logic escapes you.

No reason to bash any that may question what you present, sure they don’t agree with you… that’s life, get used to it.

Why throw out the always popular “skeptic” label, it’s good to be skeptical.  If you are 100% non-skeptical I would suggest you find a different interest.