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For some reason we got on the subject of possessions during a conversation at work the other day.  I was asked if I had ever seen anything like one is described.  Besides a video of a exorcism I had seen at Univ-Con a few years back, I answered no.  Then I was asked “Have you encountered any scary sh*t?”

Besides the experiences I had when I was a kid I have to answer with a loud YES!

The spookiest experience I remember always is from my first paranormal event out at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

It was very early in the event.  People were running all over the place doing their own investigations with friends and people they had just met.  My friend Tom, newcomer Lang and myself were wandering the halls and came across some people hanging out in a hallway we had earlier been told “there is a bad a$& motherf*cker down there” by Chip Coffey.  Being newbies to the whole event thing we asked if we could hang out and see what was going on.

We then started to experience some of the most unbelievable stuff.  There was a female in the hallway with everyone and whatever was in that hallway did NOT like her at all.

I was out in the main hallway when the first thing happened.  The group was in the side hallway attempting an EVP session.  I heard a large bang that sounded like something hitting the wall.  Tom walked out with an odd look on his face.  “Dude, I cant believe what I just saw.  I watched her hair lift up and get pulled.”  Somehow her was was pulled up and back, yanking her head hard into the wall.

Everyone was in shock and surprisingly the woman wanted to go back in.  Now we were all paying closer attention to her as we started asking questions again.  She started saying how it felt like someone was holding her against the wall.  She mentioned it was her arms that had the sensation the most.  She tried to lift her arm and it would continually slam back onto the wall.  One of the guys in the hallway went to lift her arm and had a very hard time getting it to move at all.  Almost as if it were pinned to the wall with a large weight holding it in place.  A few different guys tried it with the same response.  As a “test” one of the gals in the hallway gave it a try and the arm moved with no problems at all.  Once she released it the arm slammed back against the wall.  She eventually felt like the pressure was gone, so we were able to remove her from the hallway.

As we all sat and discussed things, she wanted to go back and confront whatever was in there.  Several people went in the hallway with her.  As she talked you could verbally hear her start to choke up.  Again she was pushed against the wall, this time by her throat.  We removed her from the hallway and as we stood in the hallway checking things out her neck started to get red.  The red started to form a palm and fingers as if someone had their hands around her throat.  (Sidenote: Unfortunately this was prior to my hobby of photography and all I had was a basic point and shoot with me.  The picture I took is 100% blurry and you can not see what is going on. )  I can picture it to this day…. it would have been the right hand.  The thumb was on the left side of her neck and all the fingers on the other side.

We decided at this time to go sit on one of the nearby staircases and listen to the recordings.  We were all gathered around the stairway.  I was looking down towards the ground (something I always do to cut out any sort of distractions).  The first thing we heard was after someone had said “Can you knock off his hat?” This was regarding Lang and his hat.  What was interesting is I also had a hat on.  The recording sounded like “hat, which hat?”  It was really clear so we listened to it a few times and moved on.

The next thing we heard on the recording was someone basically calling whatever it was out “Why don’t you pick on one of us guys?  Not one of the girls.”  What we all heard next was a laugh.  Several people in the group said “Was that a laugh?  Is it laughing at us?”  So the recording was reviewed again.

This time almost immediately as we heard the laugh some commotion was heard on the other side of the group.  I happened to be looking that way.  What I saw I still don’t really understand.  The girls feet were off the ground, she was moving as if running in air.  She then hit the ground and instead of dropping flat it looked as if she was dragged down the hall…..two or three feet.  Someone else was looking and they said they saw her shirt get pulled up in the back like someone would do to drag someone by it.

Eventually we took the “victim” down to the lobby to talk about everything.  She wanted to go back in the hallway.  We finally talked her out of it.  “If something has done this to you, whats next?   You get thrown out the window?”  Later we were informed that all sorts of weirdness was going on in their room later that night.

This is something I still have no explanation to.  No idea what could have caused the things we saw.  None of it makes sense.  It is still one of the scariest things I have ever experienced.

I just know…. it happened, I experienced it and there is no telling me different.


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